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ANPP Power Unit N 2 To Be Prepared in 2014
10:58 January 10, 2014 | Nuclear Energy | Armavir
According to the official information, the equipment, buildings and premises of the power unit N2 of the ANPP will undergo scrutiny and the remaining resources will be assessed in...
Armenia and Russia To Cooperate in Nuclear Security
12:21 November 22, 2013 | Nuclear Energy
Under the official information, the signature of the agreement will enable to cooperate in the following fields: safe operation of nuclear power units, the development of nuclear safety infrastructure in Armenia in the...
156,784.3 AMD for Armenian Radioactive Waste Neutralization
10:15 November 12, 2013 | Nuclear Energy
The radioactive wastes of the ANPP used to be transported to Russia, but the railway connection was blocked because of the blockade, and the radioactive wastes are stored in the territory of...
What Are Uranium Reserves in Armenia?
14:39 August 15, 2013 | Nuclear Energy
the uranium and uranium demonstrations dispersed in Armenia occupy large territories, as well as “Map of Uranium-containing Mines and Mining Areas in Armenia” completely complies with the reality. It’s completely clear that concealing dispersed and industrially
Why Officials Are So Afraid of “Uranium” Word?
12:55 June 17, 2013 | Nuclear Energy | Syunik
Nature Protection Ministry has “forgotten” about governmental decision N 836 dated on 23 July 2009 in regard with uranium prospecting and mining stating that there is no uranium in Tashtoun and Litchq...

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