Drying up Gardens near Armenian NPP

Drying up Gardens near Armenian NPP


The Armenian nuclear power plant shouldn’t be surrounded with desert. EcoLur working group visited the surroundings of the Armenian nuclear power plant, Armavir Region. Not far from the ANPP are located gardens belonging to the gardening association. These land areas used to be focused on, as the administration thought that such an object as ANPP should be ensured with green zones, well-developed infrastructure and water supply: the safety system of ANPP included all this. But now all this has been fallen into oblivion. The ANPP is fenced with danger boards and security posts. Everything going on beyond these posts don’t fall into the competences of ANPP management. In this way, the green shield, gardens, around ANPP have dried out. Instead of 380 ha of gardens, there are only a few land areas left, which people cultivate because they regret the labor they have spent dozens of years.

“Our land area is saline land. We have improved the land, brought in new land areas and took care and cultivated gardens here. At present one square meter costs 1914 AMD, but I would say saline land areas were taken away with bulldozers, but salt eventually came out. Nevertheless, we are cultivating these land areas, as these gardens help us to breathe. The nuclear power plant will remain in the desert without them. Nobody thinks about it right now. We used to have 380 ha of gardens, a shield zone, but at present the irrigation system is out of order and everything has dried up.”

14:51 June 27, 2012

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