Survived Eye-witness of Uranium Prospecting in Meghri

Survived Eye-witness of Uranium Prospecting in Meghri


The participant of the uranium expedition in the 50-60’s, Vazgen Galstyan, lives in Meghri Town. At the meeting with EcoLur working group, he shared with his memoirs about the work of the expedition which conducted prospecting of uranium reserves in Syunik and about topic, which were confidential for a long time.

Vazgen Galstyan: Our head was from Alaverdi, while geologists were husbands. There were also other workers. Each day somebody felt sick, air was supplied with a compressor. They drilled two wells, out of which the water hit 40 meters high. One well was closed, while the second remained, it’s located on the old road to Qajaran.

EcoLur: Did they tell you, these were uranium mines, or you had just assumptions?

-No, they were uranium mines. When it was opened in Lernadzor, they said it would be disastrous, if it is opened here. If the mine were opened here, both trees and people would get out of order.

-And where are these mines?

-Near Tashtoun mill, in the middle where plough lands are situated. Then they were closed, and only 11 people of us were left. We were told, everything here, like equipment, should be transferred to Dastakert. Bulldozers came and made everything even, like nothing had been here, either mine or anything. Out of all workers, only I survived, the rest died, together with the head. Uranium was also in Tashtoun.

-Do you think it affected on health?

-Yes, it affected so that none of us survived. And now, if something is opened, huge hazard would be to trees, water and people.

01:43 July 18, 2012

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