Uranium in Meghri? Meghri Residents Speaking about Problem

Uranium in Meghri? Meghri Residents Speaking about Problem


Anush Martirosyan: We have many ill people in Meghri, and the nature is getting worse and worse: trees get try, which we had never seen before. We used to drink water from brooks, but now we are afraid even to drink the water running from tapes. We think all this happens because of mines In the 80’s we have a committee arrived from Moscow, which sais these mines (gold) couldn’t be used and there would be no nature left after 30 years. Well, it’s natural, as uranium means death.

EcoLur: So what, does Meghri have uranium?

There is a village, Miazami, nothing grows there because of the newly opened mine – Tey Litchqvaz.  We knew it long ago there was gold, but the heads didn’t develop it, they said there was much uranium. Our water flows from there: even the fish has disappeared from the river and trees get dry.

People say besides uranium there is also mercury. All are leaving this town. Just watch out cable TV – all the time announcements on sale of houses are on.

Meghri resident Sveta:

Is this a hospital? No professionals, nobody...There used to be one doctor, a gynecologist, and he was elected to the Republican Party by Serzh Sargsyan.

Vazgen Galstyan - employed at uranium expeditions:

Only I survived, the rest died. I can’t say that the water given to people is the water coming from mines. 100% hazard exists for people and for trees.

Meghri resident:

Health is ecology by 90%. No ecology – no health.

15:22 May 24, 2012

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