1 Million Fine for Environmental Violations
12:35 March 20, 2017 | Officials
The Nature Protection Ministry informs that from 13.03.2017–17.03.2017 the State Environmental Inspection detected violations during inspections
Yerevan Canal and Riverbeds Being Cleaned
13:55 March 15, 2017 | Officials | Yerevan
On 3 March the process of cleaning riverbeds and canals flowing in the five administrative districts in Yerevan has been launched. The main goal of this event is to ensure free-of-obstacle
Armenia Became EITI Candidate Country
15:10 March 13, 2017 | Officials
The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Board approved Armenia’s EITI candidature application at the EITI board meeting held
Prime Minister Assigned to Regulate SHPP Sector
15:11 March 09, 2017 | Officials
On 9 March at the meeting of the government Armenian PM Karen Karapetyan made a number of assignments on the regulation of SHPP sector. 'The Republic of Armenia attaching much value to conservatio of environment and increase in investments into renewable energy sector, takes steps to encourage SHPP operation
Earthquake Hits Artsakh Republic
15:59 March 06, 2017 | Officials
On March 6, current year, at 10:24 local time, (at 06:24 by Grinvich), the RA MES Seismic Protection Survey Seismological Network registered an earthquake at the northern latitude
Two Assignments to RA Nature Protection Minister
17:21 March 02, 2017 | Officials
At the governmental meeting on 2 March 2017 Armenian PM Karen Karapetyan made two assignments to RA Nature Protection Minister. According to the first assignment, RA Nature Protection Ministry shall examine the structure of environmental

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