Two Bear Cubs Detected in Lori
16:14 May 06, 2017 | Officials | Lori
On 4 May the inspectors of Lori Territorial Division of State Environmental Inspection of RA Nature Protection Ministry found two bear cubs on the riverbed. The Head of State Environmental Inspection of RA Nature Protection
Armenian Government Granted Other Privileges to
18:45 May 04, 2017 | Officials | Gegharkunik
On 4 May the Armenian Government gave two privileges to 'Sevan Trout' CJSC, which grows trout in cage net economy. With the resolution of the government, the payment of the VAT to paid for the import of goods was delayed for three
Groundwater Freshwater Drilling Procedure Simplified
16:59 April 27, 2017 | Officials
The procedure of drilling groundwater freshwater has been simplified: On 27 April the Armenian Government approved the package of draft laws on making amendments and supplements to RA Code on Water Code and a number of relevant
155 Ha Area To Be Planted with Forest in 2017
14:52 April 27, 2017 | Officials
In 2017 around 155 ha area will be planted with forest. It's also planned to complete the reforestation of 20 hectares by Lake Sevan, as well as the reforestation of 35 hectares of land adjacent to Nubarashen district
April 22 - Earth Planet Reminding: We Owe Earth Planet Our Existence
19:39 April 22, 2017 | Officials
International Mother Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April all over the world. Upon Bolivia's initiative, this day was declared at the 63th session of the UN General Assembly on 22 April 2009. International Mother Earth Day reminds each of us that the Earth and its ecosystems

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