Only 15.2% of Armenian Population Lives in Favorable Environment

Only 15.2% of Armenian Population Lives in Favorable Environment


Sociological survey “Index of Life Quality in the Republic of Armenia for 2011” says Armenians are not pleases with their environment most of all. The survey has been carried out by the Institute for Political and Sociological Consultations. Under these studies, only 15.2% of the surveyed live in favorable environment, about 91,4% think the worst situation is for drinking water, 90.2% - radiation, 89.0% - air pollution with dust, 88.1% air pollution with industrial emissions, 86.3% air emission with exhaust gases, 84.8% -accumulations of toxic wastes.

According to specialists’ explanations, presented figures are calculated in the following way: “the calculation is reckoned from the number of surveyed that think there is a certain problem. That is, if 44.8% of the surveyed have problems with water pollution, then 91.4% of this number considers it to be hazardous.”  Then the calculation is reckoned on the total  number of residents, that’s why the text of the report says, “Armenian people consider water pollution as the most hazardous one.” Then “Residents think there is radiation – 15.9%, 90.2% out of which think the amount of radiation to be hazardous,” etc.

17:27 August 03, 2012

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