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"EcoLur" Press Club

Annually 13 Million Ha Forest Cut Down
13:20 March 21, 2014 | "EcoLur" Press Club
March 21 is celebrated as International Day of Forest. The world has been celebrating the day of forests since...
Hrazdan River Getting Black (Photos)
18:56 March 12, 2014 | "EcoLur" Press Club | Yerevan
On 12 March the level of Hrazdan River rose, while the water got black. People didn’t want to...
Who Is Poisoning Aras? (Photo Report)
12:44 March 12, 2014 | "EcoLur" Press Club | Syunik
The Kartchevan River flowing through Agarak Town, Syunik Region, is filled with tails, which are easy to confuse with ground, clay or industrial wastes. Tails have...

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