Volume of Violations at Sevan Trout Reserve Recovery and Fish Breeding Development" Foundation Making up 3 Billion 314 Million AMD

Volume of Violations at Sevan Trout Reserve Recovery and Fish Breeding Development


State Control Service of the Republic of Armenia has summarized the results of the studies carried out in the Sevan Trout Reserve Reserve Recovery and Fish Breeding Development and the companies established by the latter.

During the period under review for 2013-2018, 9,000․0 million (nine billion) drams were allocated from RA state budget for the chartered purposes of the foundation.

As a result of the performance appraisal of the main goals of the program implemented by the RA State Control Service, the conclusion was that the goals set by the program have been performed in a substantially incomplete manner.

The study was carried out on procurement processes, salary calculation, efficiency of activities, performance of program indicators approved by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia for 2015-2018 period. The amount of violations amounted to 3,314.0 mln. drams (three billion three hundred fourteen million drams).

  1. As a result of non-competitive or "formal" procurement, contractor and subcontractor companies have actually received 86% profit or 777.0 mln more money. A study of the contractor company's acquisitions revealed that there are յustified suspicions of acquiring unscrupulous documents of 409.0 million AMD, as a result of which about 163.0 mln AMD tax hasn’t been paid to the state budget.
  2. The controlled object incurred an ineffective expenditure of 1,251.0 million AMD. That is, the assets generated as a result of the above expenses have never been used for two to four years and have not served any purpose.
  3. There are reasonable grounds for suspecting that the controlled entity made a payment of $ 273.0 million to company X, for which the goods were not actually received, but were documented as received.
  4. Due to alleged inactivities of supervised entity officers and predictable freezing and ice melting of Lake Sevan, cage nets crashed and $ 520.0 million loss of biological assets (fish) and property occurred.

14:56 October 01, 2019


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