Fish Factory in Lake Sevan Already Built (Photos)

Fish Factory in Lake Sevan Already Built (Photos)


The construction of the fish factory for Sevan trout production is about to be finished directly in Lake Sevan. A part of the lake is enclosed with reticulate cells. A pontoon bridge is laid, which goes into the lake by over 100 m. Bright red buoys are located which mark underground key positions of the production.

Under the project, trout young fish should gain large weight for limited time period before Sevan freezes – from 30 grams up to 350 grams till November 2012. For this purpose, the young fish will be fed with artificial forage. Nevertheless, the project lacks the description of forage composition. The project only mentions that artificial forage contains nitrogen and phosphorus, which will enter the lake. Under designers, additional nitrogen and phosphorus will be swollen by microorganisms. For our part we should mention that pollution of Lake Sevan with nitrogen and phosphorus is one of the most essential problems and no microorganisms will be help to save the lake.

Nevertheless, a more significant risk exists. Besides nitrogen and phosphorus, the forage may contain hormonal substances. “Forage contains certain part of hormones…Not enough experiments on Sevan? Experiments should be carried out beyond the lake, and then to make a decision…These consequences are not considered…” an extract from speech by Deputy Director of “Sevan” National Park Vahe Gulanyan at the public hearings on 10 May 2012. “If we will get one-kilogram fish within three months, this will be a monster, and not trout…” an extract from speech by Director of “Sevan” National Park Ashot Gndoyan at the public hearings on 10 May 2012.

We should only guess whether “Sevan” National Park knows that this given project is launched on the territory under their control, mirror-like surface of Lake Sevan or the activities of Emmi Fruit Company went out of the control of the National Park.

14:32 August 08, 2012

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