Gevorg Marzpetuni Needed

Gevorg Marzpetuni Needed

Siranush Papyan,

Residents near Sevan Region Villages – Chkalovka, Norashen, and Tsovagyugh, don’t consider Sevan as their any longer; they say Sevan belongs to Armenian Presidents’ retinue. 

Mr. Rubik remembers that in 2008 as soon as Serzh Sargsyan became the President, intensive construction was launched on the shore of Tsovagyugh Village on the area of 5000 square meters. Alik Sargsyan also got a land area for site development, though a little bit smaller – only 1000 square meters. “Sevan is occupied and a new Gevorg Marzpetuni is needed to return the occupied territories,” said Mr. Vardan. As a matter of fact, the site development on Sevan shores launched from Kocharyan’s reign has been in progress so far. 

13:10 July 09, 2011

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