Plants Twist Around Feet and Drag into Depth

Plants Twist Around Feet and Drag into Depth


The youth in Vardenis looks at the problem of Sevan in different ways. We support those you rely on themselves and try to help Sevan. Vardenis Center of YMCA: “...We organize a camp each summer just 500 meters far away from Lake Sevan. Every time we face problems with Sevan, both with forests and clean water in the lake. Everybody sees these problems, every morning they see poachers and see trees cut... There is person who is responsible for controlling tree felling, but he comes and trees are cut down…If you call the police, they are aware what is going on, but money matters…I don’t know, I can’t imagine what will happen to Sevan without clean water, forests, clean shores, we can see what is going on... We don’t even swim… you can fall into depths, while signs are missing, you don’t know what you can find in water – tree roots, plants, which twist around your feet, everybody is exposed to danger here …When we saw garbage, we cleaned it, when we saw caws, sent them away, we didn’t ask somebody for help. We did everything by ourselves, with our own forces… We consider all this not as an environmental task, but a strategic task. All this is for our country, our state, but we don’t see that people are taken into consideration. We should unite in any way and seek to solve problems. Slowly, but solve…”

13:57 July 31, 2012

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