Small HPPs endanger flora and fauna of Gegharkunik region

Small HPPs endanger flora and fauna of Gegharkunik region


Small HPPs endanger biodiversity and eco-systems of Gegharkunik region, Armenia, Bardukh Gabrielyan, Director of the Center for Hydrogeology and Fishery, said at discussions "Big Problems of the Small HPPs" in Yerevan, Wednesday,

The expert said that the small HPPs operating in the region affect egg-laying for lack of fishway.  Gabrielyan recounted that the law on fauna bans any construction on the rivers having rare and endemic fish. "The rivers feeding into the lake Sevan are a place of egg laying of endemic fish, but there are small HPPs on those rivers," he said.

He said that sometimes riverbeds are changed for hydro power plants. "Water releases often do not take into account the possible negative impact on flora, fauna and the eco-system in general. Such surveys have not been held either on the rivers feeding into Sevan or on others," Gabrielyan said.

Inga Zarafyan, Head of EcoLur NGO, said in turn that the Nature Protection Inspectorate does not control or monitor the small HPPs even in case of violations alarmed by environmentalists and the public.  At present, there are 140 small HPPs n Armenia, at least several plants per river, which negatively affect the flora and fauna.

14:03 October 19, 2012

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