Who Pastures Cows in National Park?!!!

Who Pastures Cows in National Park?!!!


The villagers of littoral communities solve the problem of pasturing cattle in the territory of Sevan National Park with the help of money. It’s rather difficult to control this territory every day. The cattle pastures every day, but the inspection doesn’t visit several dozens of communities every day.

As Pambak villagers told us, it’s already several years since a Hovo comes from Vardenis, meanwhile nobody knows properly who this person is and what kind of position he holds. Hovo knows how many cows each family has and gathers kickback – 2000 AMD for one cow. Afterwards, the villagers can freely pasture cows in the territory of the national park. Naturally no receipts, just a simple and effective deal.

A villager, “Our pastures are far from here, behind the mountain, but we pasture the cattle nearer, in the forest, on the shore…”, a woman, “they take 2000 AMD for each cow and put it into their pockets. But this is my territory, it belongs to the village, while he takes money from us and says that we passed the border (of the national park)”... – Another woman, “We keep cows, but how to do it, if nothing is permitted, they take our 2000 AMD, but don’t give any receipts or something like that…” Another resident, “This is not our territory, it belongs to the forestry enterprise”: a woman, “And what’s the difference, Hovo from Vardenis comes and gathers money…. He used to work at park, now his son works there, a very impudent young man…Who can we complain to?... I don’t know, but I am not afraid…”

13:22 July 23, 2012

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