You Can’t Swim in Sevan in Summer – Shores Waterlogged

You Can’t Swim in Sevan in Summer – Shores Waterlogged


As it’s known, fish in Lake Sevan has finished. Remaining fish reserves can’t be considered as industrial ones and fishing is prohibited. Fishermen, even those dealing with illegal fishing, can’t earn their living. People started dealing with agriculture, as they are not allowed to the lake.

“Maybe it will be banned to swim in Sevan in summer. Shores have turned into marshes,” said Ltchap villager. Ltchap itself means lake shore, under Ltchap residents, they don’t have any connection with the shore for a long time. “We had so many meetings and so many debates. We asked to give these shores to us, we would clean them and make wood. But no, they declared a tender, spent money, cut down trunks somehow, while stumps went under water…Now money is spent to take these stumps out of water. If they gave shores to people, we would clean everything… But the national park gets funds from the budget… Sevan isn’t a lake, water in Sevan moves as in a river. Mud on shores is shifted to depth. The lake blooms in summer, but now it blooms in winter, we never saw something like that before. Laboratories should deal with this…”

...May be they are not courageous enough to say whose houses are constructed on Sevan shores, that’s why the problem with buildings can’t get solved... We have no access to the lake. Our grandparents came to live here due to the lake, only the lake. Now the whole lake is fenced with black walls, like a fortress, and don’t allow us to get near to the lake... This is the underlying reason why people leave from here...”

EcoLur working group went down to Lake shore near Tchap village. A new road runs towards the road. Its construction lasted several months and has recently put into service. On one side of the road is Lake Sevan, on the other side is marsh formed because of water percolating through the main road thus washing it away. It’s clear for everybody that the lifetime of this road is short, as the water will soon wash it away. How it turned out that people who spent huge funds from budget for the construction, couldn’t notice it. How it turned out that people were left without wood and spend huge funds from budget to clean the shore from trees, which eventually left uncleaned. While we were considering, frogs were singing their mating songs thus replacing trout, which, as known, doesn’t grow in marsh.

18:27 July 06, 2012

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