Cancer Diseases in Kapan Getting Younger

Cancer Diseases in Kapan Getting Younger


Despite Health Ministry affirmations, the situation ecology-affected by diseases in Kapan is deteriorating. The main reason is heavy metals accumulated in environment. According to doctor from Kapan, Sarik A., “People shouldn’t forget that the tailing dump is a threat that contains various toxic substances and all this gets accumulated in the gorge. Everybody knows that the wind raises fumes from the gorge. However, opencast development of mines is profitable. For example, in case of Qajaran, all fumes go to Kapan. Tailing dumps grow directly in front of our eyes. I work at expert committee on disability and can say that in Kapan region cancer diseases get younger over years and get on top places. All these heavy metals, lead, mercury are carcinogen. When recycled tailing dumps are closed down, no vegetation grows there for a long time, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s covered with layer of soil, nothing will grow, everything is contaminated. Companies shouldn’t repeat that dumps don’t pose any hazard, but on the contrary, they should acknowledge, hazard exists and this impacts on health and they should take preventative measures.”

13:31 July 14, 2012

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