Cry for Help – Bear Cave Endangered

Cry for Help – Bear Cave Endangered


Help, help, help!!!! “A group of vandals entered Bear Cave and destroyed several premises.” Well-known expert on caves in Armenia Gor Hovhannisyan is beating an alarm signal. The statement says that the Bear Cave may soon have the same fate as Magel Cave. Stalactites in the premises are broken, worldwide unique, helictites have been crushed. “It’s a good thing that they got afraid and didn’t penetrate further, otherwise we would mourn its remainders,” Hovhannisyan writes. He calls for everybody to help and to block the access to Bear Cave to save it whatever is left.

It’s not the first time that Gor Hovhannisyan has been raising the issue of Bear Cave. But regulated tourism is the main hazard. Activists are trying to preserve the cave with their own forces, put dampers, while governmental bodies still don’t interfere.

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19:09 July 20, 2012

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