Tensions Growing at Nalbandyan106/1

Tensions Growing at Nalbandyan106/1


The residents fighting against constructing a multi-storey building at Nalbandyan 106/1 were forced out by the police.  The Institute for Democracy and Human Rights Chairman Arpine Galfayan is beating an alarm signal, 'People, who live nearby, quickly grow to the yard of Nalbandyan106/1  -  a little bit downwards Sayat Nova crossroads. It's planned to construct a multi-storey building in the yard and the residents have been struggling against it for more than a year. Right now the bulldozers want to drive in the yard, but people have blocked their way. The police who were invited to protect the residents, have forces out the residents, the heavy machinery is already in the yard, several trees are cut down. The problem is not only trees, but another public territory is sought to turn into private business. The activists and residents are protesting. Please, go to Nalbandyan106/1, the situation there is critical,' says Galfayan. 

Photo by A1+

15:13 May 30, 2012

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