Waterfall Dried out Because of Small HPP

Waterfall Dried out Because of Small HPP


On Facebook social network Trchkan supporters circulated a statement in regard with the construction of small HPP, which resulted in the drying out of the waterfall. “This time we speak about two small HPPS on Her-Her tributary to the Arpa River. The riverbed and one of the waterfalls have already dried out. While the second waterfall operated, though it has little water in it,” Trchkan supporters write.

Note be EcoLur: This is the way how the scheme of construction of small HPPs is implemented. The scheme evidently needs urgent reviewing, as it doesn’t consider actual conditions for the disposal of such amount of HPPs. The constructions are carried out in specially protected areas, on rivers flowing into Sevan, i.e ignoring the environmental legislation of the country.

01:22 July 18, 2012

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