Similar Names, Different Interests

Similar Names, Different Interests


'Let's Protect Teghout' NGO disseminated a press release on holding 'Let's Keep Our Water and Soil Clean' event. The press release says that the NGO and 'Teghout' CJSC (member of Vallex Company Group) took part in the cleaning process of Shnogh River banks, its surroundings, monuments and resort areas on 23 July. The press release also noted that on the eve of this event the organizers has offered the activists, whose eco-educational camp is located next to Teghout to get familiar with the company plans and to take part in this event, nevertheless, their proposal was turned down.

Reminder: in regard with this offer, on 22 July the participants of eco-educational camp disseminated a statement, which particularly outlines that they consider it inexpedient to cooperate with an organization which serves the needs of a law-breaking company. They also note that 'Let's Protect Teghout' NGO shouldn't be confused with Teghout Civic Initiative.

15:11 July 25, 2012

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