Fish Farms Remain Big Problem for Ararat Valley

Fish Farms Remain Big Problem for Ararat Valley


The disastrous state of the groundwater in Ararat Valley is discussed in all large forums dedicated to the problem of water in Armenia.

“Concerns with groundwater in Ararat Valley are justified. Due to measures taken by the Government the current state starts improving. Nevertheless, we are still far from normal state,” said Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan at the kick off meeting of “EU Water Initiative+” program.

One day before this kick-off meeting YSU Geography and Geology Faculty Dean Marat Grigoryan expressed his concerns with this problem at the workshop entitled “Improvement of Environmental Policy and Developing Green Policy in Mineral and Water Resource Exploitation” held on 12 December.

“Ararat valley artesian basin is extremely endangered today and it’s the result of poor exploitation. We annually take around 1 billion cum water of purest quality for fish farms, make it non-suitable for irrigation and dump into the Aras River making it logged, increasing salination and making most land areas in the country not usable.”

According to the report made by the USAID in 2016, the groundwater intake in Ararat Valley exceed the annual volume of 1.1 billion cum/year set by RA Law “On National Water Program” by 45%. Around 50% of the used volume of groundwater – 809 million cum/year, is used by the fish farms.

16:00 December 14, 2016


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