Put Minus to This Point of RPA Election Program

Put Minus to This Point of RPA Election Program


In the series of “Monitoring Environmental Programs of Political Parties” EcoLur continues the chronicle of RPA program which refers to the “implementation of the program on improving the ecological state of Yerevan and other large towns.” In this issue we cover the water ecosystem of Yerevan. 

Yerevan possesses three powerful water ecosystems – Hrazdan Gorge, Getar River and Yerevan Lake.  Due to these water systems, the city has humid ventilation, dust load and vehicle exhaust gases have decreased and so the semi-desert climate has mitigated. 

Now we can ascertain the state of these ecosystems has drastically deteriorated. Wide-scale site development in Hrazdan Gorge led to the degeneration of most part of Hrazdan River and gorge slopes. Mass emissions to the river from hotels and restaurants obstruct the current, while sewage pollutes the water, waterlogging is in progress, while we have smell of the rot instead of clean and humid air. 

In 2006 the State Environmental Inspection of Nature Protection Ministry stated that existing capital constructions were illegal and promised to close down four buildings operating at that moment. The Ministry intended to clean the gorge from garbage and to recover the natural landscape. Instead, the gorge slopes were covered with new buildings. It’s interesting that one of the most luxurious complexes, “Venice” is owned by Ex Mayor Karen Karapetyan and was constructed when he held that office. 

Not a trace is left from Getar River. The river is concreted by arbitrary decision of urban authorities thus disturbing the ecology of the territory located next to the river as well. The natural runoff of rain water and precipitations has also disturbed, as there is just nowhere to flow out.  Damaged and old underground communications can’t cope with water flows, while abundant precipitations immediately flood the carriageways. The concreting of Getar River was conducted with the complete silence of Nature Protection Ministry, which recognized that they don’t have any conclusion on this project; nevertheless, it didn’t send the inspection either. As a result, the city lost another lung. Yerevan Lake has long attracted the attention of both public and mass media. This important reservoir should be cleaned, while the silt with polluting components should be removed from the bottom. Nevertheless, only barriers were only placed to block the garbage brought by the river. The machinery needed for cleaning the bottom was not sent, while the water was drained. 

The environmental zones of the town are reduced to the range of several playgrounds with metallic swings and plastic hills. 

We have exotic plants in metallic vases and vines growing up the house walls instead of green parks. We have small swimming pools instead of rivers. This environment is aggressive, and not ecological, and we propose to put minus to this point of RPA election program. 

13:23 April 13, 2012

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