Tezhasar: Water, Nepheline- Syenites and Resort Zone (Photos)

Tezhasar: Water, Nepheline- Syenites and Resort Zone (Photos)


We are going up Tezhasar through Meghradzoe Village. The whole gorge is full of tents where cattlemen with their families live. They mainly inhabit in local gorges, as places for pasture in other territories are reducing, or they are not allowed to pasture their animals there. We are getting higher and the rural road suddenly disappears, instead of it we find concrete slabs more than 40 years old, which we used to go up to Tezhsar. The road finishes with stone placers - nepheline- syenites. Not far from flow water springs, which have delicious water. An old villager tells, “We exploded these mountains and constructed a road. Such roads with a height of 70 cm now are not constructed. Here iron grids were poured with concrete. Tractors, lorries and heavy machinery were supposed to run on this road, then the construction was stopped, but the road was left.”  The road was constructed especially for the development of Tezshar nepheline- syenite mines, below are the remainders of the building designed for ore processing to obtain primary aluminium. In the Soviet period money was not spare for mining of natural resources. Aluminium was a priority raw material, and the government allotted money for its mining and production. More than 120 million roubles had already been spent on Tezhsar (under Soviet standards, 72 million petrodollars), but then the works were suspended.

SSR Armenian Government Chairman Fadey Sargsyan gave the answer to this mystery before the collapse of the Soviet Union in his interview with Yulia Kuleshova (Delovoy Express, 2005, number 21). “Technology designed to obtain aluminum was not tried till the very end. Specialists proved, if the combine were constructed, all the vegetation in a radius of 15-20 km will be eliminated. The combine was supposed to be built in the most beautiful region of the republic, where around 50,000 children had their rests each year.”

If explosion works start on Tezhasar, then in a direct radius of 15-20 km you can find Meghradzor, Artevaz, Marmarik, Tsaghkadzor and even Vanadzor. Nearby flow mountain rivers with trout, forests with bears, wild sows, quails and rabbits.

However, our officials are apparently not interested in this wealth. Now they are actively lobbying Tezhsar development project submitted by “Alumina Corporation” LLC.

02:26 July 30, 2012

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