SHPP on Argichi River (2014)

Argichi River

Risk Level: 1

Parameter Data Level
Sruface discharge volume in river section %, water 18.6803 1

Disastrous Condition
Critical Condition
Normal Condition

Argitchi River Piped by 9527 Meters


Argitchi (Ayrija, Ishkhanaget, Koti River) is a river, which flows in Gegharkounik Region in the basin of Lake Sevan. It starts from the northern slope of Gndasar mountain mass at the height of 2600 meters. Its length is 51 km, its catchment basin is 384 km2. It flows into Lake Sevan. Its nutrition is from melting (55%) and underground (36%), flooding in April-June months. It gets frozen in the winter, its water is used for irrigation and energy purposes.

According to the certificate on operating and being constructed SHPPs issued by Public Services Regulatory Committee on 1 January 2014, “Argitchi” SHPP is constructed on this river operated by “Hydrocorporation” CJSC, derivation  length-9527 meters.

Thus,  Argitchi River is piped for an area of 9527 meters, which makes up 18.6803% of the river.

Under EcoLur’s Ecological Risk Model, it’s within standards for the river.

Risk Analysis