SHPPs on Ayri River (2014)

Ayri River

Risk Level: 2

Parameter Data Level
Sruface discharge volume in river section %, water 25 2

Disastrous Condition
Critical Condition
Normal Condition

Ayri River Experiencing Crisis


The Ayri River flows in Syunik Region. It starts from the junction point of Zangezour and Bargushat mountain ranges and flows north up to Tolors reservoir near Tolors Village. The total catchment basin of the river makes up 171sq. km, while its length is 24 km.

According to the certificate on operating and being constructed SHPPs issued by Public Services Regulatory Committee on 1 January 2014, “AYRI” SHPP is constructed on this river operated by “Zoraqar” CJSC, derivation  length-4284 meters.

“Dastakert” SHPP is being constructed on the Ayri River, its project was submitted to the Environmental Expertise SNCO of Nature Protection Ministry in July 2013. Under the project, the derivation length of the pipeline is 1920 meters, thus the SHPP will pipe a total of 6204 meters, which makes up 25.82% of the river.

Under EcoLur’s Ecological Risk Model, it will cause a critical condition for the river.

Risk Analysis