EcoLur’s Expert Group has developed an interactive model of ecological risk analysis for selected areas. The model is based on the principles of ISO 14031 – 2005 environmental performance evaluation, Armenian laws and bylaws approved by the resolutions of the Armenian Government. According to the model, the selected area bears threats of ecological risks under the following categories: 

 1.      Air – pollution with dust and chemical compounds

2.      Water – pollution with chemical compounds and misallocation

3.      Soil, pollution and misallocation

4.      Biodiversity – disruption of biodiversity and forest covers

5.      Health – morbidity and mortality

The model enables to introduce parameters for each category. When parameter values are introduced into the model, for example, chemical elements for air pollution or mortality index, or water diversion in the rivers, the model automatically determines the category in points: 1 for comparatively satisfactory condition, 2 for critical condition and 3 for disastrous condition.   

Areas are selected randomly where air, water, soil, biodiversity and health conditions are determined. For this purpose "Polygon” program is applied, which enables to outline affected zones in Google Map and to have a look at the condition of the zone under each category where parameters are introduced. Depending on the condition of each category, the area is colored in green (comparatively satisfactory), brown (critical) and red (disastrous).

The risk model is displayed on EcoLur’s website,, as “Risk Analysis” interactive map. All information and video materials relating to Risk Model are displayed in the same section.

The model has been developed in the frames of “Alternative Media Resources” due to the aid of the American people through the USAID.

Risk Analysis