Weather forecast in Armenia, 5 Day Weather Forecast
October 14, 2021 at 16:32 | Weather
In the daytime of October 14, on 16-17, at night of 18 no precipitation is predicted, in the daytime of 15 and in the daytime of 18, at night of 19 in separate places, in the daytime of 19 in most regions rain with thunderstorm is predicted
Compensation of Irrigation Water Fees to WUCs
October 14, 2021 at 10:21 | Officials
The executive has included in the agenda the sitting of the government for October 14, 2021 sitting of the government the draft decision "On approving the program of reimbursement of irrigation water rent to water users in case of drip irrigation and irrigation systems in up to 3 hectares of land."
Damage of Over 92 Million AMD Caused to Environment
October 07, 2021 at 17:35 | Officials
In the period from September 22 to October 1, 2021, 47 cases were recorded by RA Nature Protection and Mining Inspection Body, out of which 36 cases were estimated to cause damage to the environment in the amount of 92,887,728 AMD