23 632.8 l/s Water Saved in Ararat Valley for 2014
14:56 March 18, 2015 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Արարատ | Արմավիր
In 2014 266 wells were liquidated, conserved and brought to valve regime in Ararat Valley, which resulted in saving around 23 632.8 l/s water annually accounting around 745.3 million cum
Minister Aramayis Grigoryan and German KfW Bank Delegation Discussed Introduction of Centralized Water Resource Management in Armenia
11:19 March 10, 2015 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Արարատ | Արմավիր | Շիրակ | Երեւան
Nature Protection Ministry and German KfW Bank discussed the development and introduction of centralized management system of water resources in Armenia. Today, on 9 March, Nature Protection Minister Aramayis Grigoryan received KfW bank delegation
Groundwater Basin of Ararat Valley Stabilized
16:32 October 28, 2014 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Արարատ | Արմավիր
The groundwater basin of Ararat Valley has stabilized, as David Grigoryan, Head of Department for
Within Three Months More Water Saved in Ararat valley than in Previous One Year
16:38 October 27, 2014 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Արարատ | Արմավիր
In the result of the works implemented in the previous one year savings have been made on 43 wells, 20 liquidations and 23 conservations. As a result 243 l/s of water was saved, and per three months it constitutes 11330 l/s of water


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