21 Communities in Armavir Region Suffered from Heavy Hail
15:44 July 11, 2016 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Արմավիր
Heavy rain and hail caused much damage on 10 July especially in Aragatsotn and Armavir Region. The highest class (fourth) hailing process has been recorded
Second Power Unit Extension Works Launched in ANPP
17:05 February 01, 2016 | Միջուկային էներգետիկա | Արմավիր
The extension works of the second power plant operation have been launched in the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant. Comprehensive examination of the systems, equipment and construction materials will be carried out
Previously Issued Water Usage Permits May Be Reviewed
19:07 December 23, 2015 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Արարատ | Արմավիր
Illegal wells in Ararat Valley continue remaining in the focus of Nature Protection Ministry, as Nature Protection Minister Aramayis Grigoryan
Horizons of Groundwaters Violated in Ararat Valley
17:05 November 11, 2015 | SOS | Արարատ | Արմավիր
They take the cleanest water from the deepest horizons which can be used as drinking water by the population. This clean water, which annually makes up 1 billion cum, is pumped out into surface, which flows into environment, rivers and we lose it
ANPP Resumed Electricity Production
17:37 October 27, 2015 | Միջուկային էներգետիկա | Արմավիր
As Energy and Natural Resources Ministry informs the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant of Armenia (ANPP) started producing electricity on October 24 and joined the energy production
Garbage Processing Plant To Be Constructed in Armavir Town
13:57 October 09, 2015 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Արմավիր
Armenian-Czech company Greeneco Kas plans to construct a garbage processing plant and a greenhouse in Armenia’s Armavir Region. On 8 October 2015
Concentration of DDT in Agricultural Lands is High
16:59 July 10, 2015 | SOS | Արագածոտն | Արարատ | Արմավիր
A high content of DDT is found in11 croft lands from 25 samples in Ararat region’s Sayat Nova, Armavir region’s Jrarat, Khanjyan, Norapat communities, as well as in Aragatsotn region’s
PEF Reported about the Crime: Ararat Artesian Basin Submarine Water is Overexploited
13:34 July 09, 2015 | SOS | Արարատ | Արմավիր
Pan-Armenian Environmental Front reports about crime that is Overexploition of Ararat Artesian Basin Underground Water and standing on verge of elimination, to Gevorg Kostanyan, General Prosecutor and Vahram Shahinyan, the head of RA Special Investigation Service. In the reports mentioned the following


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