SHPP Turned Meghradzor Waterfall into Small Brooklet
12:40 July 15, 2013 | SOS | Կոտայք
The Pan-Armenian Environmental Front has received an alarm signal that Meghradzor waterfall in Kotayk Region, which used to be a full-water one, has turned into a brooklet because of the SHPP...
Gold Extracting Factory Illegally Constructed in Meghradzor?
14:53 June 21, 2013 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Կոտայք
“According to reliable but not official data, a gold extracting plant is illegally being constructed, and as villagers say this plant will operate not with cyanоgen, but carbamide not having any permission...
Meghradzor Gold Replaces Cyanide with Thiourea
11:48 June 06, 2013 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Կոտայք
Meghradzor Gold Company offers to extract gold from ore using thiourea in its project, which is categorized as hazardous substance – type 2. Daily use of thiourea makes up 2340 kg...
Nature Protection Ministry Issued Negative Opinion to Mining Projects
15:01 May 07, 2013 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Արագածոտն | Գեղարքունիք | Կոտայք
The environmental expertise of Nature Protection Ministry turned down three mining projects submitted for the opinion of the environmental expertise. One of them is the project from “Mego Gold” Company...
Cyanic Plant Construction Project in Meghradzor Not Called Back
15:09 April 10, 2013 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Կոտայք
The main question whether the construction of a cyanic plant in Meghradzor Village is still in force and it has been withdrawn, has an affirmative reply. On April 6 when EcoLur working group visited Meghradzor Village...
It Remained Unclear What Meghradzor Village Head Opposed To
12:09 April 08, 2013 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Կոտայք
Meghradzor Village Head Karlen Hovhannisyan proceeded to the policy of open pressure on public in regard with the construction of a cyanic plant by Meghradzor Gold Company in Meghradzor Village...
Candidate Programs for Khosrov Reserve Director Position
19:10 March 14, 2013 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Արարատ | Կոտայք
EcoLur held an interview with the candidates for the position of “Khosrov Forest” Reserve. Reminder: the contest committee will have the selection of the candidates on 15


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