Around 50 % of Armenia in Desertification Process
18:56 June 02, 2015 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Լոռի | Տավուշ
Estimates show that 48.8% (14519 km2) of Armenia is in desertification process and these areas are located in Lori and Tavush regions. Around 24.3% (7233 km2) of the Armenian
Bears and Deers Increased in Sevqar
18:03 May 29, 2015 | Կենսաբազմազանություն | Տավուշ
Bears and deers have increased in Sevqar Forestry Enterprise Sevqar, Tavush Region
25 Acts of Illegal Forest Felling in Sevqar Forestry Enterprise in 2014
17:56 May 29, 2015 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Տավուշ
In 2014 20-25 acts were drawn up for illegal forest felling in Sevqar Forestry Enterprise, as Sevqar Forestry Enterprise Chief Forestry Officer Mushegh Madatyan said in his interview with EcoLur. He mentioned that
44.5 ha of Pine Forest Planted in Sevqar Forestry Enterprise
17:46 May 29, 2015 | Անտառ | Տավուշ
44.5 ha of pine forest has been planted in Sevqar Forestry Enterprise of “ArmForest” SNCO, Tavush Region. On 27 May the employees of “State Forest Monitoring Center” SNCO and NGOs had a joint visit to Sevqar Forestry Enterprise to see
The Executive Providing 49 Million AMD for Forestation and Forest Care
13:17 May 05, 2015 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Գեղարքունիք | Շիրակ | Տավուշ | Երեւան
On April 30 the Armenian Government decided to allot around 49 million AMD to Agriculture Ministry for forestation and forest care: these funds will be allocated as follows
10 Towns in Armenia Committed to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 20% Till 2020
18:03 March 30, 2015 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Արագածոտն | Կոտայք | Շիրակ | Տավուշ | Վայոց ձոր | Երեւան
The Nature Protection Ministry organized a discussion with the community heads having joined EU ‘Covenant of Mayors’ initiative towards the 21st convention of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Out of Armenian towns joined
CNF to Provide 445000 Euros To Support Specially Protected Areas
17:28 March 25, 2015 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Արարատ | Կոտայք | Շիրակ | Սյունիք | Տավուշ
Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF) plans to provide 445,000 Euros to support specially protected areas of nature in Armenia, as CNF Executive Director David Morrison said during his
Frozen Status of Fioletovo Mining Expertise Can Be Melted Down
18:12 February 04, 2015 | Լեռնահանքային արդյունաբերություն | Տավուշ
The issue of Fioletovo gold mining project continues remaining worrying for several reasons: Fioletovo open pit mining submitted by “Grade Redmet” Company high risks of environmental pollution, which are not
Dilijan Forests Kept on Being Fell Down and Fell Down
17:18 December 18, 2014 | Պաշտոնական աղբյուրներ | Տավուշ
From 2 to 16 December the security employees of 'Dilijan' National Park SNCO detected and drew up 7 acts of forest violations – illegally cutting


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