“Khachaghbyur-2” SHHP Being Constructed in Landslip Zone
June 05, 2013 at 16:12 | SOS | Tavush
We have studied Aghstev Valley and it has all the prerequisites needed for landslip formation: inclines of slopes, fissure zones, precipitation etc, and all this cause landslips...Who has permitted to construct a SHHP there? Who has issued geological prospecting opinion?...
Death at Khachaghbyur – 2 SHHP
June 05, 2013 at 11:25 | Officials | Tavush
An accident took place at Khachaghbyur – 2 SHHP: a rock weighing 30 tons collapsed on the excavator. The excavator driver Artem Halabyan, aged 27, died...
Prince Charles's Alley to open in Dilijan
May 29, 2013 at 18:20 | Officials | Tavush
An alley of plane trees named after HRH The Prince of Wales will be planted in Dilijan. A certificate commemorating the opening of the Prince Charles Alley was awarded to His Royal Highness by...
Environmentalists Blocked Road: Police Interfered
May 28, 2013 at 13:44 | Water | Tavush
Today the members of the Pan-Armenian Environmental Front blocked two cars not permitting them to drive to the construction spot of “Khachaghbyur-2” SHHP. They demanded the activists to leave the place. As Pan-Armenian Environmental Front member Levon Galstyan told EcoLur, they called the police and
Initiatives Applied to Ombudsman for “Khachaghbyur-2” SHHP
May 17, 2013 at 15:06 | Water | Tavush
“Trchkan” and Pan-Armenian Environmental Front civic initiative members have applied to RA Human Rights Defender Karen Andreasyan in regard with the problems arisen due to the construction of “Khachaghbyur-2” SHHP...
Photos of Cottages Instead of EIA
March 29, 2013 at 15:50 | Officials | Tavush
On 27 March a public hearings on the construction project of cottages in the forest zone of Dilijan at Dilijan Aarhus Center...
Dilijan National Park Planted 6 Ha Forest
March 27, 2013 at 17:10 | Officials | Tavush
Six ha of forest was planted in “Dilijan” National Park in 2012, on which 499,800 AMD was spent. Complements were made in three ha of territory...
Landscape of Natural Monument, Parz Litch Lake, Changed Arbitrarily
January 31, 2013 at 00:40 | SOS | Tavush
““Opela” LLC has arbitrarily expanded the surface of Parz Litch Lake. As a result, the lake, a natural monument, was subjected to morphological changes, the landscape has changed,” said “Trchkan” civic initiative member
Poacher Shot Recklessly
January 21, 2013 at 09:56 | Officials | Tavush
According to the Armenian Police, Tavush Division of the Police received a report at 22:30 on 17 January that the body of Serezha Hovhannisyan, born in 1961, was detected in
Roots of Greek Nut Transferred from Tavush Region to Iran
December 10, 2012 at 15:39 | Forest | Tavush
According to our reliable sources, in the summer and autumn of 2012 the roots of Greek nut trees were supplied from Tavush Region to Kotayk Region, where the roots were washed and cleaned and then exported to Iran. The workers, tractor drivers, among Tavoush regional residents, who fell
Tree Felling in Territory of Parz Lake
December 03, 2012 at 15:37 | Biodiversity | Tavush
The environmentalists are beating an alarm that the natural appearance and ecosystem of “Parz Litch” natural monument has been marred. “Trchkan” civic initative has circulated a statement, which says that Vladimir Saroyan, a citizen
Who Will Bring Minister to Justice?
November 02, 2012 at 18:45 | Climate Change | Tavush
On 24 October Nature Protection Minister Aram Harutyunyan, replying to Deputy Zaruhi Postanjyan’s question at the National Assembly, admitted that, under the preliminary findings, the construction company had deviated from the project while constructing