Coronavirus and Environment
12:44 April 10, 2020 | Օդ
Due to the new coronavirus epidemic, there has been a sharp decline in economic activities around the world, the consumption of electricity has decreased, transport communication has changed, enterprises have stopped working
Air Pollution in Yerevan Decreased
17:39 April 07, 2020 | Օդ | Երեւան
Atmospheric air pollution has been reduced in Yerevan during the state of emergency declared to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Armenia
Has  Tavush Charcoal Production Problem Solved?
16:16 February 20, 2020 | Օդ | Տավուշ
EcoLur Informational NGO sent a request to Tavush Regional Governor Hayk Chobanyan to find out more about the results of the committee activities


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