"ArmOil" CJSC Constructed Arbitrary Buildings in Yeghvard with Violation of Firefighting Requirements: Minister's Response to MP's Enquiry


Armoil CJSC has carried out unauthorized constructions at No. 129/1, 129/2, 129/3, 129/4 and No. 2 Yeghvard City Highway owned by Yeghvard Town, as RA Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures Suren Papikyan has informed in response to the request of RA National Assembly MP Sofya Hovsepyan.

It should be mentioned that the construction of an oil processing plant in Yeghvard was a matter of protest among local residents. Residents of Nati neighborhood in Yeghvard were alarmed that the plant is too close to their residential homes and orchards and that they cannot live next to such hazardous production. Besides, their opinion was not taken into account when constructing the plant.

The TAI Minister's response confirms residents' concerns: The plant is built in violation of fire requirements, and the required distance from residential homes is not maintained.

It is worth mentioning that there are orchards of "Rival" LLC adjacent to the factory. The founder of the company Rafik Virabyan has appealed to the Armenian government with a request to stop the illegal construction of the plant.

Suren Papikyan's letter also states that, according to information provided by the RA Ministry of Environment, the company does not have a positive environmental impact assessment report.


13:28 November 13, 2019


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