Impact of “Aroghj Sunk” LLC on Environment and Affected Communities To Be Discussed in Byureghavan

Impact of “Aroghj Sunk” LLC on Environment and Affected Communities To Be Discussed in Byureghavan


On 19 September, at 11:00 a.m., the negative impact of “Aroghj Sunk” LLC on the environment and project-affected communities will be discussed at Byurghavan Municipality, Kotayk Region. The discussions will be carried out in the frames of committee set up to examine the fact of atmospheric air pollution in the areas of “Aroghj Sunk” LLC and it its adjacent areas, as Byureghavan and Nurnus community residents told EcoLur. According to them, cases of suffocation were recorded because of atmospheric emission of Byureghavan Branch of “Aroghj Sunk” LLC dealing with the production of mushroom compost. It’s impossible to live in the area because of unbearable stink.

Reminder: according to the official information, on 30.07.2015 the State Environmental Inspection of Nature Protection Ministry reached a decision to suspend the operation of Byureghavan branch of “Aroghj Snund” LLC, as the official website of the Nature Protection Ministry informs. The ground for such a decision was the results of the inspections carried out in “Aroghj Sunk” LLC from 22 July to 30 July. The inspections were carried out to clarify the answers to the questions in the letter addressed by Byureghavan Community Head on 22.07.2015. It was found out that one-time emission concentrations exceeded the maximum permissible concentrations, which is a violation of Article 15 of RA Law “On Preservation of Atmospheric Air”. Their activities also violated the requirements of RA Law “On Licensing” (activities subject to licensing): Company Director S. Davtyan has been imposed an administrative fine. Reminder: Inspections were carried out in “Aroghj Sunk” LLC in 2014 as well, when the company was fined for violating Article 15 of RA Law ““On Preservation of Atmospheric Air” and Article 21 of RA Water Code.

In reply to EcoLur’s request whether the plant didn’t suspend its operation after the decision of the State Environmental Inspection, Nurnus resident Gagik Hovakimyan replied that it hasn’t suspended and the whole area is in the stink. In reply to EcoLur’s observation that maybe the company installed a filter to mitigate emissions, Gagik Hovakimyan said, “Maybe they have installed, I don’t know, but there is stink it’s definite.”

September 18, 2015 at 16:04