Director of “Rival” LLC Demanding from Armenian Government To Stop Illegal Construction of Oil Products Plant in Yeghvard

Director of “Rival” LLC Demanding from Armenian Government To Stop Illegal Construction of Oil Products Plant in Yeghvard


Serious complaints against the construction of “ArmOil” CJSC Oil Product Processing Plant in Yeghvard Town, Kotayq Region, still continue. The owner of the orchards located nearby the plant, the founder of “Rival” LLC Rafik Virabyan is applying to the Armenian Government and demanding to stop the illegal construction of the plant, to carry out technical safety and environmental impact expert assessments and to give guarantees that in case of the operation, the plant won’t cause damage to the environment, his economy, human health, and lives. Rafik Virabyan presented the letter received from RA Urban Development Committee on 24 August 2018, which says that “ArmOil” CJSC doesn’t have a permit for construction works. Urban Development Committee has applied to Kotayq Regional head for the regulation of this problem. Yeghvard Community Head Norayr Sargsyan informed Rafik Virabyan in his letter dated on 24 July 2018 that “ArmOil” CJSC has constructed arbitrary buildings and has been fined 4 times in the total amount of 800,000 AMD. “I have filed a claim against Community Head to Administrative Court, which has already been admitted into the proceedings. Our barrister wrote that he has failed to perform the requirements of the law: after imposing fines for 3 times he should have applied to law enforcement bodies, but he hasn’t. We are doing it instead of him,” Rafik Virabyan mentioned. “We have received a letter from the Ministry of Emergency States that no expert assessment has been carried out in the plant area, the company hasn’t submitted documents, while there are boilers in the area, which means a boiling process will occur. How will this process be conducted if there is no relevant permit from the MES?’ Rafik Virabyan said. A criminal case has been initiated at RA Chief Prosecutor’s Office based on the construction of the plant. Institute of Physiology of NAS RA has carried out an examination based on the available data, as there is no project of the plant construction published. According to the conclusion of the institute, the processing of oil products must be strictly banned in Armenia unless conducting a comprehensive and serious investigation. “Semur & Co.” Company dealing with the production of the construction materials is located next to the plant. According to “Semur & Co.” Company PR Specialist Elizaveta Asatryan, they gave their consent to the construction of a warehouse and not that of the plant. “Two big chimneys have been construction: this is when they told us no emissions and wastes will be available. Why are these chimneys needed if there are no emissions? It’s already clear there will be emissions,” Elizaveta Asatryan said. “We are demanding to have guarantees that no damage will be caused to the production of dried fruit, trees, nature, and our health. Why don’t they give us these guarantees? We have been complaining for 1.5 years, no one gives any positive answer to us. It shouldn’t be constructed in Yeghvard. If it explodes, it will eliminate half of the city. I will fight till the very end – the ECHR,” the founder of “Rival” LLC Rafik Virabyan added.

00:28 November 05, 2018


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