Copper Smelting Plant To Be Re-operated: Alaverdi Aldermen's Council to RA President and Prime Minister

Copper Smelting Plant To Be Re-operated: Alaverdi Aldermen's Council to RA President and Prime Minister


Alaverdi Aldermen's Council in Lori Region has sent a message to RA President Armen Sargsyan and RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan with a demand to re-operate Alaverdi copper smelting plant. The copy has been delivered to the RA National Assembly and RA Government.

''Armenian Copper Program' CJSC (ACP) owned by 'Vallex' Company Group stopped the operation of Alaverdi Copper Smelting Plant on 19 October 2018. The assets and shares of 'ACP' Company are pledged at Russian 'VTB' Bank for the construction of Teghout mining complex. The message of Alaverdi Aldermen's Council particularly says: 'It's already three months since the employees of copper smelting plant and Alaverdi town are in an uncertain condition. Alaverdi and Alaverdi residents are waiting to see how their further fate will be determined and what will be decided by the VTB Bank, enterprise owners and the Armenian Government instead of them.

… Armenia shall stop being an appendage of raw materials not through closing down mining companies but constructing ore processing companies possessing environmental solutions and entering world markets with final metallic products. The Armenian concentrate should be processed in Armenia and will support creating new working places in Armenia.

…Alaverdi residents have their version of solving this problem and they are not interested in what kind of legal solutions are necessary for that. March 1, 2019, shall be marked as a zero state for the copper smelting plant in terms of pledge obligations and the plant must be re-operated.'

The Aldermen's Council is demanding to take certain steps in order to prevent the wave of emigration from Alaverdi and not to promise working places for the future which may happen or not. 'Wishes are not a politics and wishing something doesn't mean ensuring it,' the message says.

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18:02 February 07, 2019


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