Oleg Dulgaryan: Government To Interfere In Payment of Loans of Alaverdi Copper Smelting Plant Workers

Oleg Dulgaryan: Government To Interfere In Payment of Loans of Alaverdi Copper Smelting Plant Workers


The employees of Alaverdi copper smelting plant had a meeting with Deputy PM Tigran Avinyan on 15 February and learned from him that currently negotiations are run with the Russian VTB Bank and 'ACP' Company on the further operations of the copper smelter.

Before that, on 12 February, Chair of 'Vallex' Group Chair Valery Mejlumyan had already sent a letteDeputyeptuy PM Tigran Avinyan, which said that the possibility of resuming the production of 'ACP' Company depends on the plans of the VTB Bank and it is not clear for them what the VTB Bank is going to do.

According to Director of 'Community Mobilization and Support Center' NGO Oleg Dulgaryan, the employees of the plant now waiting to see what will happen in a week when the employees will be informed in what stage the negotiations are.

'They are waiting for the reply of the VTB Bank. Meanwhile, MP Aren Mkrtchyan will meet the employees and provide up-to-date information to avoid information vacuum as the plant employees actually don't know what is going on,' Dulgaryan mentioned.

'The government representatives mention if the plant was not closed it would continue working so far. No one has forced to close down the plant. The fine had been imposed but the government has stated many times they don't want the fine to be paid right now so that the plant can operate temporarily.

Nothing is clear, but the employees need clarity. People don't have any funds and now they are in a panic. They have taken up big loans and now they are facing the problem of being unable to pay interests. And here we need the interference of the government. Relevant measures shall be taken to suspend the payment of interests at this moment, or prolong them or change the rates of interest,' he mentioned.

Dulgaryan also informed that he has initiated to hold an expert forum in Alaverdi, which aims to establish alternative working places in Alaverdi.

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14:46 February 18, 2019


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