Alarm Signal: Industrial Wastes Burnt Down in Sharur Street

Alarm Signal: Industrial Wastes Burnt Down in Sharur Street


For several successive days the industrial wastes have been burnt down in Sharur street in Yerevan: 'Industrial wastes have been burnt down and emitted into the atmosphere for 6-7 days. We don't know anything about the nature of this smoke which can contain many dangerous substances and have a negative impact on the human health,' Yerevan resident Hovhannes Melqonyan is beating an alarm signal to EcoLur. He mentioned he has also beaten an alarm signal to MES and Nature Protection Ministry.

'First, we called the MES thinking it is a fire. But when the MES arrived they informed us there is no danger of fire spread and it is controlled. Then I called the hotline of Nature Protection Ministry 5 or 6 times. They say that the body in charge is Environmental and Mining Inspection. They want to withdraw their responsibility and don't want to deal with it,' Hovhannes Melqonyan said. For now, as of 18:00 on 5 March, there is no smoke,' the resident said.

EcoLur is addressing this alarm signal to Environmental and Mining Inspection Body to examine what kind of wastes have been burnt on the spot and whether damage has been caused to the environment and human health.

Photo and video credit to Hovhannes Melqonyan

March 05, 2019 at 19:19