Inspection Assures "ArmOil" Suspended Construction of Petroleum Processing Plant

Inspection Assures


The construction works of the petroleum processing plant by "ArmOil" Company in Yeghvard Town, Kotayq Region, as Press Secretary of RA Nature Protection and Soil Inspection Body Vruyr Pepanyan told EcoLur.

Under Vruyr Pepanyan, the employees of the relevant division of RA Nature Protection and Soil Inspection Body carried out inspection in the area of "ArmOil" Company and found out that the company is currently not carrying out the construction works of the plant, but the company is currently dismantling the administrative building in the area owned by "ArmOil" Company and is fencing this area, for which they have been issued a permit.

The photo is taken from the official website of "ArmOil" Company.

17:55 October 30, 2017


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