"Critical Level" of Air Pollution To Be Defined


As of October 2016, no excess of MPC in atmospheric air pollution was recorded, while the MPC of atmospheric air in Alaverdi, Gyumri and Vanadzor town was exceeded only with sulfur dioxide. Dust concentration excess wan not recorded in any town, even in Hrazdan and Ararat, where cement plants are operating: these data are provided by “Environmental Impact Assessment Center” SNCO (currently dissolved).

Despite this positive image, on 15 December the governmental initiated a new proposal to mitigate atmospheric air pollution with the approval of the concept paper of RA draft law “On Conservation of Atmospheric Air.”

The concept paper proposes to define a number of new concepts aimed at the improvement of air and to introduce them in RA Law “On Conservation of Atmospheric Air.” Particularly, the law intends to introduce “critical level” concept. “Critical level of pollution” means a set level concentration of pollutants in the atmospheric air, the excess of which will have immediate adversary impact on people, plants and ecosystems.


18:52 December 16, 2016


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