'Pure Iron Plant' Caused Damage of Over 94 Million AMD to Environment

'Pure Iron Plant' Caused Damage of Over 94 Million AMD to Environment


'Pure Iron Plant' CJSC operating in Yerevan caused damage of 94,325,550 AMD to the environment, which was credited to the state budget and an administrative fine of 100,000 AMD was appointed. At the end of June 2018, RA Nature Protection and Soil Inspection Body found out that the in the inspected time period the company didn't use enough number of neutralizers, as a result of which harmful substances exceeding the limits of permissible emissions had been emitted into the atmosphere.

Reminder: the residents living near 'Pure Iron Plant' CJSC, as well as 'Armenian Titanium Production' LLC located nearby have beaten many alarm signals on the emissions of these plants and arising health problems – cough, asphyxia, vomiting and headache. EcoLur has addressed the alarm signals of the residents to RA Nature Protection Ministry and received a reply that emissions are within the standards.

Sulfur trioxides and nitric oxides are emitted into the environment during these productions.

According to the specialists, sulfur trioxide is one of the factors that can lead to the death of the fetus, early delivery of child, abortion, and birth of still-born babies.

13:45 July 23, 2018


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