Whether Yerevan Thermal Power Plant To Be Operated on Coal from Karabagh

Whether Yerevan  Thermal Power Plant To Be Operated on Coal from Karabagh


The old thermal power plant from Yerevan with 100 MW capacity can be operated with the coal from Karabagh. As News.am website informs, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Armen Movsisyan made a statement about this at the Parliament on 4 November. “This is one of the programs, which will increase the level of our energy security,” the minister said. Under him, in recent two years the coal mines in Karabagh have been additionally studies and their dressing technologies have been established. In one of his interviews given to EcoLur Emil Sahakyan, an expert in energy, said that the idea of Karabagh coal use for Yerevan thermal power plant is non-feasible, it has no technical solution and perspectives, as Yerevan thermal power plants use gas-fuel oil boilers and they are not designed for coal. The reconstruction of such boilers for the use of coal fuel will cost more expensive than the construction of a new coal boiler unit,” Emil Sahakyan said.

The countries that use coal as fuel (Russia, Kazakhstan) have special technical regulation entitled “Requirements to Coals and Production Processes of Mining, Processing, Preservation and Transportation Security”. According to this regulation, the sources of radiation in coal exceed the maximum permissible concentrations and can adversely affect on the human organism. The coal and coal dust are capable of exploding and fire, self-combustion, they can pollute the air basin, surface and ground waters,  soil, they can leave residues, waterlog the areas, artificially increase the seismicity, to promote the deterioration of soil productivity. It should be mentioned that the arsenic is one of the main elements accompanying the coal, according to the scientific literature.

11:59 November 05, 2013


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