New Information Available Within Criminal Case on Amulsar

New Information Available Within Criminal Case on Amulsar


Arsen Ayvazyan, Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee of RA, Head of the Amulsar Criminal Investigative Group, told reporters on September 27 that there is a need to continue the preliminary investigation into the Amulsar criminal case. This is due to new information and new information that emerged during the preliminary investigation. When asked what the new information is, Ayvazyan said that he could not make it public because he could not disclose the secret of the investigation.

“The ground for continuing the preliminary investigation at this time is that we have received a relevant letter from the Ministry of Environment, which contains new information that is necessary to be observed, discussed and investigated in the general case. This letter is related to the data, certain numbers in the criminal case on Amulsar. Due to this, we need to discuss, study and compare the mentioned information with the numbers that existed before," he said.

When asked if new criminal cases will be brought about Lydian Armenia, Ayvazyan said: "As the head of the investigative group conducting criminal proceedings, I think we should exhaust all planned investigative actions, and only then address the qualifications, including the issue of forensic examination."

According to him, this case has aroused great interest among the public, but we must not forget that they are investigating a case that is unprecedented in its scope, content and complexity. "We have a problem with a lot of narrow professional terms, we have no alternative than to refer to professionals, and all this takes time," he said.

“There are new people, there will be, the former may be questioned again. There are others planned to be questioned, the need has just begun. There is no word on closing the case. The preliminary investigation continues. "

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September 28, 2019 at 15:16