"I Can't Say Much New About Amulsar": from Environment Minister Erik Grigoryan's Speech at National Assembly


"The policy, which is now being developed by the Ministry of Environment, is about revising the whole approach in the field, which is in line with European Union policy. What legislation should be developed, what institutional approaches should be taken to ensure that pollution and use do not harm citizens, the environment, both nationally, regionally and globally?" Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan spoke about this at the parliamentary hearings on the implementation of EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enlarged Partnership Agreement in the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia held on February 26.

MP Michael Melkumyan from the PAP faction asked a question: “It is very important to prevent, not to pollute, to spend. Where are we at Amulsar now based on that management logic?"

In response Erik Grigoryan said: “I can't say much about Amulsar. I can point out the points that we mentioned about the inconsistencies presented at the initial stage of the project. We are studying and working within the framework of our authority. ”

February 26, 2020 at 19:11