PM Karen Karapetyan on Amulsar Project: We Won't Have Violation of Environmental Standards

PM Karen Karapetyan on Amulsar Project: We Won't Have Violation of Environmental Standards


Armenian PM Karen Karapetyan expressed an opinion on Amulsar gold mining project at the National Assembly that we won't have a violation of environmental standards. The question was raised by MP from 'Tsarukyan' faction Shaqe Isayan. 'I would like to know your approach on Amulsar mining project, as you know, we face such problems as Amulsar risks and hazards for Vorotan and Arpa Tunnel, Lake Sevan, destruction of the environment in Vayots Dzor and Jermuk, as the mine is only at the distance of 10 km from Jermuk. I'm sure you are aware that 19 environmental NGOs have organized signature collections and have beaten alarm signals numerous times demanding to stop the process and substantiating that the project hasn't undergone substantial environmental expertise. You also mentioned the priority of tourism. In this case, don't you see the clash of interests between mining and tourism?' the MP asked.

In reply Karen Karapetyan said, 'What about commercial interests and environmental issues, the whole world experienced such problems and the mining develops in the whole world by adhering to environmental standards. I don't think we will have an environmental crisis and violation of environmental standards, because we present the assessment of international standards, it's the first point.

The second point is we have become a member of the EITI Club, and we have undertaken certain commitments, including ones related to environmental standards.

Third, the investor has undertaken such a burden so as to do what environmental standards require and besides takes measures so as the environmentalists, NGOs and population don't have any complaints or doubts. I think we won't have here unsolved solutions in terms of ecology, which we all and population won't be content with.'

Shaqe Isayan reminded the PM about the alarm signal of the environmentalists, that Amulsar mining will destroy the mineral water springs in Jermuk.

'We will provide you all the materials, and please, evaluate them. If there is a gap, please, let us know,' PM Karen Karapetyan responded.

20:35 June 23, 2017


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