"EcoRight" and "EcoDar" NGOs Left out of Amulsar Litigation


In line with the ruling of Administrative Court Judge Karen Zarikyan, the plaintiffs on Amulsar case 'EcoRight' and 'EcoDar' NGOs were left out of the further litigation on 30 August.
The court will continue its trial on the natural entities.

Reminder: 'EcoRight' and 'EcoDar' NGOs, as well as 12 residents of Gndevaz Community in Vayots Dzor Region have lodged a claim against the permitting documents of Amulsar gold mining project demanding to annul the EIA of the amended Amulsar project for 2014.
Plaintiffs' Barrister Hayk Alumyan said they will insist on their motion to have a double expertise of the EIA of Amulsar gold mining project.

'The court the provisions of the new law on NGOs, which significantly restrict the rights of the NGOs. Our government has an international commitment to expand NGOs' right to call upon to court, but, instead, created a law, which significantly limited their rights,' Barrister Hayk Alumyan commented on the court ruling.

'The main aim of this ruling was to block NGOs' opportunities to initiate court proceedings in case of other illegal actions. Our NGO is currently involved in two court proceedings: one is related to Litchq mining, the second refers to the expansion of Qajaran mine. I think it's a political instruction and decision,' 'EcoRight' NGO President Arthur Grigoryan said.
The next court hearing on natural entities is appointed at 11:30 on 28 September.

16:26 August 30, 2017


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