AEF Claim Against MES on Amulsar Gold Mine Project In Litigation

AEF Claim Against MES on Amulsar Gold Mine Project In Litigation


The Armenian Environmental Front (AEF) has filed a claim on Amulsar gold mining project against the Ministry of the Emergency States of Armenia, which has been accepted for litigation by RA Administrative Court, and the date of the preliminary hearing has been appointed on 7 March, at 14:30.

Reminder: in November 2017 the AEF has lodged a claim to RA Administrative Court against MES for not providing the copies of all the opinions of technical safety expert assessment of the project documents of industrial hazardous objects of Amulsar gold mine. These expert assessments particularly refer to open mines, the barren rock dumps, the heap leach facility and the gold extraction plant. The legal ground of the claim is the requirement to provide information.

It should be mentioned this is the fourth court case in regard to Amulsar gold mining project.

The first court claim is the claim of Gndevaz Community residents to RA Administrative Court demanding to annul the permitting documents of Amulsar project. The second court claim is Barrister Harutyun Baghdasaryan's claim to Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan Kentron and Norq-Marash Administrative Areas with a demand to appoint a new expert assessment of Amulsar project. The third claim is the appeal lodged by 'EcoRight' NGO against the ruling of Administrative Court on Amulsar mine, where the NGOs were withdrawn from the litigation run jointly with Gndevaz Community residents. The fourth claim is AEF's claim against the MES.

19:27 March 06, 2018


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