Facebook Posts on Amulsar Sent to National Security Service by RA Prosecutor's Office

Facebook Posts on Amulsar Sent to National Security Service by RA Prosecutor's Office


"The media publications on the situation surrounding the Amulsar Mine apparently contain crime features, in particular the Facebook posts of former Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Head Arthur Grigoryan and political scientist Hayk Martirosyan, which were about corrupted transactions in regard to Amulsar, were sent to National Security Service to check the circumstances in them," the Prosecutor's Office posted on its Facebook page by Arevik Khachatryan, Head of Public Relations Department.

Artur Grigoryan wrote on his Facebook page:

“I knew about Amulsar's decision eight months ago, when I was still the head of the environmental inspectorate. Throughout this time, I have been presenting facts to the closest people and explaining that the only interpretation of the logical actions of the current government is that they maintain a corrupt system with all its shadow mechanisms. The Amulsar issue does not have the argument that they are arguing that you are not fighting other mines. You mean, others work illegally too, so why are you inactive?

Since my appointment, Avinyan's office has been involved in paving the way for Amulsar, and when he didn’t succeed, they have lobbied to have my inspection act revoked. I don't know what part was agreed with Prime Minister Pashinyan, but the performers are the Avinyan-Aghajanyan couple with their deputy assistants. Even during a meeting with Lydian's administration, company representatives told me in a straightforward way:

- We were told that you were going to open the roads to Amulsar.

-Who told you that?

"From the Government."

In his turn, Hayk Martirosyan wrote: “I myself had serious doubts all the time that a simple, major corruption deal had taken place. Now those doubts are gone. I have no doubt that the government in Amulsar has gone into corruption. There is none, I repeat, there can be no doubt anymore.

A liar, a liar, and a government that is now betraying the people and the country must first withdraw from the decision to open Amulsar.

There is no alternative. The whole society must stand up. "


August 20, 2019 at 14:39