TIAC Demanding from Investigative Committee To Continue Proceedings of Criminal Case on Amulsar

TIAC Demanding from Investigative Committee To Continue Proceedings of Criminal Case on Amulsar


Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center has sent a letter to the RA Investigative Committee demanding to continue the criminal case on Amulsar.

The letter states:

“On July 20, 2018, a criminal case was initiated in connection with the deliberate concealment of environmental pollution by the official of Nature Protection Ministry caused by Amidar mining, Lydian Armenia CJSC. A complex forensic examination has been assigned to ELARD company selected with international competition to determine the risks of environmental impact from the Amulsar mine operations. The latter involved TRC Company in its research.

On August 15 of this year, the Government of Armenia was informed that the prospect of a criminal case proceeding on the basis of the complex expert assessment was to reach a decision to terminate, as the mining operations, in case the conditions laid down in the report are met, won’t have environmental impact, particularly on the water resources located in the mining zone [1]. Yura Ivanyan, a representative of RA Investigative Committee, the head of the above-mentioned criminal investigation group, expressed the same opinion when meeting with the media. [2]

We find that the intention of the RA Investigation Committee to terminate the criminal case is groundless, and some of the assessments set out in the ELARD-TRC expert report [3] directly indicate the legal and factual need to continue the criminal proceedings instituted.

On page 41 of Section 5 of the ELARD-TRC Expert Report, it is stated that the EIA / ESIA assessments are incomplete, the relevant conclusions unreliable, and therefore the question of whether the overall operation of the mine can be considered generally safe cannot be answered.

As the results of the ELARD-TRC study indicate, the above functions have not actually been implemented, so the actions of the relevant staff of the Ministry of Nature Protection should be assessed as at least official negligence. The above justification should prohibit the operation of the Amulsar mine due to the unpredictability of its consequences due to an incomplete study.

It is necessary to show a professional approach to the work that is most responsible and not to ignore the fundamental and essential to the fundamental questions raised in the main documentation having the force of evidence in the aforementioned criminal case."

[1] https://www.primeminister.am/hy/press-release/item/2019/08/15/Cabinet-meeting/

[2] https://hraparak.am/post/2d43f09908dfd933b89c40ca9a38e149

[3] http://investigative.am/news/view/amulsar-porcaqnnutyan-ezrakacutyun.html

14:11 August 22, 2019


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