Jermuk Resort Houses Closed

Jermuk Resort Houses Closed

One of the oldest resort houses in Jermuk, 'Jermuk - Moscow' also known as Jermuk 1 is being closed down. Starting from 1 September it won't accept people having arrived to Jermuk for treatment and won't sell any vacation packages. Though the administration explains it with launching reconstruction works, according to the information we have, the area of the resort hourse was given to Geoteam Company (note by EcoLur: Lydian Armenia Company), which intends to develop Amulsar gold mine near Jermuk. And this won't be the only resort house. In reply to our question, we were told, 'Does it matter for you what will be here?' The environmentalists turned out to be right when they claimed that gold mining will destroy Jermuk.

17:48 August 25, 2016


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